Adapting to the new normal

7 Sep by admin

Adapting to the new normal

Well this year has been a challenging one for Business’s.  But one thing is sure we have all adapted and changed.  Many people have found creative ways to work away from the office, and some Businesses have decided that remote office working is the way forward.  Why pay thousands of pounds every year for office space that you really don’t need?  Your employees are saving many hours every week in Travelling time, and also pounds in fuel, car costs and parking.  It’s a win all the way around. 

Is the next step to consider outsourcing your warehouse operation?   

Why pay for space that you don’t need when you can have a costs that runs in line with your current requirements?   A warehouse, and staff that grows and contracts in sync with your sale volumes.  If you are considering consolidating your costs even more then perhaps we can help.

Here at G Force Logistics we have a dedicated 60,000 square foot warehouse, with more available should it be required.  We have our own packing room, and a team of packing staff that can pick, pack, rework, repack, quality check and relabel your goods to your exact specification.  We have our own vehicles as well as a range of Parcel and Pallet Carriers on hand, to deliver your goods to your customers to your exact requirements.

If would like a no obligation quote, please get in touch on  0116 2861884 or email and let us see how we can help you.