Month: August 2020

19 Aug by admin

Name Change

G Force Group Ltd has traded as Gee Force Logistics for many years now. The “Gee” was to represent Gee Hothi, our former owner and Director. As Gee is no longer with us, and we are entering a new phase in our development, we have decided to drop the “Gee”, in favour of the “G”. […]
14 Aug by admin

Online Chat

We have Just added an online chat feature to our website. Please bear with us whilst we are still trialing the software.
13 Aug by admin

Website Update

We are still working through our website and slowly adding more content. Always happy to receive any feedback.
12 Aug by admin

We Are Updating our website.

Please bear with us whilst we update our website. There may be a few errors or things not working for a short time. Feel free to message us if you find anything.